I like to synthesize learnings into principles. The deepest learnings can be hard to verbalize, but if I can summarize them as principles, they are easy to share. One of my deepest learnings from my time in Mexico is that I want to leave my life with ease.

Immediately, one may misunderstand what I’m saying as a declaration that I want my life to be easy. I don’t want everything to be easy, and I’m sure that one could achieve such a state even if they wanted to, but I want to generally live my life with ease. That means consciously not trying to achieve success my busting through walls, but rather by striking when the moment feels right and the stars have aligned. Well, what if the stars never align?

My teacher likes to talk about making one-degree shifts. He implicitly draws a distinction between making small and subtle changes that overtime will led to big shifts versus trying to make bold and aggressive changes at times of struggle; busting through walls. For most people, and certainly for me, trying to bust through walls has led mostly to bloody knuckles with the occasional but mostly elusive success. But with small changes, I’m pretty good.

Whatever one may think of various astrologies, my human design suggests that I’m a projector. When I was first told that I’m a project I was dismayed, because projectors are people who basically sit around and for invitations. When they try to manifest, they usually fail, as that is not their purpose. When they wait for invitations and choose the ones they like, they flourish. The world needs them and tend to be intelligent and knowledgeable. Based on my history, I think this actually suits me well, despite early resistance due to today’s cultural preference for those who struggle and suffer their way towards success.

Most of my success, academically, professionally, and personally, has come when I have been at ease and not really trying. In general the pattern has been try hard and fail, stop trying and then success. When I’m at ease I seem to be better at everything I do and happier. Maybe it’s because I’m happy. It may be less than I need to try to be at ease, and more than being at ease is a sign to me that I’m on the right path.

Being at ease means I’m not anxious about what I’m doing, even when life may be uncertain and my day-to-day may involve difficult work and positive stress. I have felt the most anxious at some of the easiest moments in my life, and the most in the zone and wired facing some of the most challenging. When I’m in the zone, I’m at ease.

I want to be at ease as much as possible. I recently declared to my business partner that my ambitions are boundless and that I am ready to go build. That doesn’t mean I’m going to give up my worldly belongings and sign up for a long period of suffering. My intentions are in fact the opposite. I’m going to respond to the invitations that are already outstanding, and wait for whichever may arise. I’m going to hedge my lifestyle, not give it up, with a square focus on drawing in abundance

I don’t expect to always be at ease, but at least I have in it a north star. I refuse to believe that success and the realizations of ambitions must come at the expense of suffering, and if they do, then I’m quite alright passing up on those. But at this point in time, I really don’t feel that I’ll have to.

In pursuit of magic