Mirror of the Night

Anger prolonged becomes sadness.
Sadness prolonged becomes anger.
Find their wounds in their tears.
Healing is breathing,
Finding piece not in the stars,
but the scars.


Oh little Jax,
Too much to handle,
Never enough.

You showed them:
Fluttering the world,
Conquering seas,
Cresting highest peaks,
Vanquishing enemies;
A hero,
A savior;
The highest consciousness,
Merged with source herself.

Oh little Jax,
Fuck them.
You were always enough.

Pie Dive

The tips of your toes,
The springboard of life.

Friends, foes and strangers,
Somersaults into the lake,
Front flips,
Back flips.

Your toe,
A little flick,
Belly flop.

Hope it didn’t hurt.